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The Top 3 Ways Knowing English Makes You Money

In this buyer’s market for employers world-wide, it is more important than ever to have knowledge of another language, especially of English. Here we have compiled the top 3 reasons knowing English can benefit your bank account.

1. Your competition knows English. A recent AOL study found 31% of executives speak 2 languages and the number of languages executives spoke corresponded to how high of a position they held within the company. When you are applying for a job, or a promotion, the position will most likely go to the person who knows English as well as their native language.

2. English speakers make 5%-20% more money per hour. Every job has a base rate of pay, and those employees who speak English as well as their own language can increase that base rate by 5%-20% per hour! Those on salary can probably gage that increase in thousands per year!

3. Knowing English can get you hired by an international firm. Depending on the micro-economy of your own country working for an international firm can provide stability, and speaking English can get you hired with one. In addition, those firms starting salary tend to be 10% higher than domestic firms and companies.

This is all well and good, except the pricing for linguistic study for ESL tends to be costly and time-consuming. If you think learning a English is too expensive and time-consuming please fill out our “Contact” page to speak with a consultant from our staff. We offer affordable and timely solutions to help you become fluent!