Definite and Indefinite Articles

Free Lesson on English Articles and How to Use Them!

One of the joys of using language is being precise in our speech. In this article we will give you a free lesson on articles in English. How do articles work in English? Here is a free quick lesson on articles, the types of articles, how to use articles, and some examples.

Overview: Articles are used with nouns. They will always be used before a noun, and depending on the sentence, will be used before an adjective or possessive pronoun.

2 Basic types of Articles.
Definite Articles: Definite Articles indicate a specific singular or count noun. An easy way to think of them is definite articles definite singular or count nouns.
Examples: I sat on the chair.
He spoke with the president.
They bought the car.

See how in each of the examples the definite article “the” defines a specific singular noun.

Indefinite Articles: Indefinite Articles give a broad or more general sense of a singular or count noun. A better way of thinking of them is indefinite articles give you one of many for the noun.
Examples: I sat on a chair.
He spoke with a president.
They bought a car.

In each of the examples the indefinite article “a” defines one type of the noun used.

It may take some practice to become a master at using articles in your writing and speech. But, the practice is more than worth it!
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