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Questions & Answers

Is English Consulting International Right for Me?

English Consulting International is the solution for individuals who want to become fluent english speakers. We have designed our program to meet  the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) standards. If you are a busy adult, college student, have a child you want to teach english, or have a corporate team looking to get a crash course, then English Consulting International is right for you.

How is English Consulting International Different

What makes ECI different than other on-line programs is our our real-person approach. We want you to feel like you are on-campus at an American language school. We take you and your goals seriously, and approach each class with the utmost sincerity, kindness, integrity, and enthusiasm.

How Long Do Classes Last?

We offer many different options based upon your objectives and timeframe. However, if you choose to jump into a 10-person class, then classes last for 1 hour for 10 weeks. Once a week, you will be tested so both our instructors and yourself can track your progress and troubleshoot any difficult areas. 

How Do On-line Classes Work?

At English Consulting International we realize there are many options available to you, so we offer the most sophisticated technology. In addition to having access to our secure web-classroom, you can always re-watch past classes as we record every session. If that isn’t enough, we email you a text PDF of each unit’s homework, exercises, and lecture material. All of these resources are included with your program.

Will Instructor's Come to my Business to do Corporate Training?

Yes! For businesses it is sometimes inconvenient to have everyone log onto a web-classroom. For business teams we will travel to you and offer a tailor-made course based upon your goals. Each seminar instructor has more than 5 years of experience in teaching ESL. However, we do also offer on-line webinars for business teams as well.

What if I Only Need a Crash Course in English?

Contact us and a representative will immediately have you speak with an instructor. Your instructor will discuss what areas you want to work on for your crash course, your timeframe for learning, and much more!”

I have a Business Trip Coming Up, Can You Help?

ECI can definitely help when you are under a deadline and want to learn English quickly. While there is no substitute for time spent learning we can help speed up the process as much as we can.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

Our top-tier instruction is geared with the goal of helping you become fluent. For more information about our pricing for different programs please contact us. A representative will discuss your needs and goals.

How Do I Pay for Classes?

Once you have signed up for an instruction program we will also discuss payment options with you. We offer pay in full plans, split payment plans, once-a-month payment plans, twice a month payment plans, and weekly payment plans. In other words, we will work with you to ensure you can start your classes right away!

Contact Details

Office Address: 22133 Buenaventura St, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone Numbers: +011 (760) 963-9121