Building Blocks of English: Parts of Speech

Building of Blocks English: Parts of Speech

Parts of speech in English are the building blocks of all our written and spoken word

. This will be a quick overview of the parts of speech in English, what they are, how they are used, and some practice in using them yourself. At anytime, feel free to message English Consulting International for more help, to correct your work, and get more information.

Nouns: Person, place, thing, or idea.
Categories Proper nouns, Common nouns
Proper Nouns: Names of people, places, and things *these nouns MUST be capitalized.
Examples: Ashley, Tom, Canada, Brazil, American Eagle, McDonald’s

Common Nouns: everyday items, places, and things *these nouns do not need to be capitalized
Examples: car, girl, boys, jeans, restaurant

*Bonus Pronouns: refer to men and women without naming them
example: He, she, her, his (*note: her and his imply possession, we will get into that in a later article)

Verbs: Action words.
Examples: Run, sing, dance, yell, eat, walk

Adjectives: Describe nouns and come before a noun in a sentence. *If there are many words to describe one noun there is a specific adjective order to be followed
Examples: Beautiful, ugly, kind, cruel

*Adjective Order: Opinion, size, shape, age, color, nationality, origin, material, purpose

example: The big (size) red (color) leather (material) ball is rolling into the street.

Adverbs: Modify verbs and inform us as to when, where, in what way, or to what extant an action was performed. Depending on the tense of your sentence some adverbs will end in -ly (mostly in the past tense or future tense), while others will not (present tense).

example: The man spoke quickly.
The girl danced beautifully.

There are 5 types of adverbs:

Example: Please do that now.
I check the mail daily.

Example: I couldn’t find my keys
I am going

Example: Tom ate his meal
Nick texted Chrissy

Example: He acted in the worst way.
Andre said the nicest thing.

While practicing grammar will help you decide how all these building blocks go together, having a good understanding of the parts of speech will help you be understood in English. For more practice, to get private lessons, contact us at