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Our Mission

English Consulting International’s mission is to bring the best English instruction to the world, and help our students become fluent! We believe our services enrich the world by bringing people together. English Consulting International’s mission is to celebrate all cultures by providing all customers with the best english language instruction in the world.

English Consulting International’s values flow directly from our passion for students. We have 3 core values for both our internal and external cultures.


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In order to learn students need to be treated with kindness. Believe it or not, so do industry professionals!


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The best environment to learn, and to teach, is one where all can trust in each other.The standards of our curriculum is based on the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) through whom we are seeking accreditation.


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Our enthusiasm is for our students and we approach all aspects of our business with enthusiasm. Whether it is creating new exciting courses, teaching one-on-one lessons, or handling accounts, we find enthusiastic forward-thinking professionals for you to work with.


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Our Goal:

Ultimately, we want to enrich the world with our servces and our core values drive that goal. We believe Integrity, Enthusiasm, and Kindness ensure our students and staff will have the very best experience.


Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Language Instructors
  • All instructors are native English speakers from the USA
  • Learn from your computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Classes are in real-time not a recording
  • Classes are affordable so everyone can learn!

From the Blog

英语咨询国际签约的第一次 20 人提供免费的 1 小时课!

英语咨询国际签约的第一次 20 人提供免费的 1 小时课!

英语咨询国际签约的第一次 20 人提供免费的 1 小时课! 用于学生报名后达到的限制 25 美元的一次性费用将是所需的标志了。免费的在线课程将包括:-语法: 过去、 现在和将来时态-基本发音-商务词汇课:-词共轭-对话练习! 免费课将在线,指导我们校长凯莉麦克。此外,你将会给出赞美这一课的工作表。要注册,填写我们的联络页,您将收到确认电子邮件的时间、 日期和您将需要的材料。随意问任何问题,我们会尽快给你在 1 个工作日。 英语咨询国际是在线英语作为第二语言学校专门为那些想要在工作和日常生活的同时变得流利的英语。我们为繁忙的专业人士,以及幼儿课程。我们的核心价值观诚信、 善良,和热情驱动所有你的工作人员。我们是新的但别让它骗你,我们所有的员工都经验丰富和热心帮助你变得流利!